Aqua Cat Bali

Lembongan / Nusa Penida Island

Reachable from the coast of Sanur in 1 hour by motor boat , is actually one of 3 sister island of Bali. White sandy bottom, crystal and coll water, present you with as sorted fish and marine vegetation, special for SUN FISH. Underwater groats are the wonders of this area


Located in the front of Sanur’s Tourist Beach. Dives at 12 meters depth will be rewarded by beautiful underwater panoramas, table and trophy shaped coral and sponges, thousand of colorful fishes swim by in kaleidoscopic profusions

Nusa Dua

Facing the Northern and Southern sea opposite the Nusa Dua Tourist beach offers gigantic under water panorama and various types of sponge and fishes. Fully cover with rich and colorful and corals, satisfies even the most seasoned diver. Dives between 3 to 20 meters will be the most rewarding.

 Padang Bay

Located about 90 kms, North of Sanur. This picturesque bay is surrounded by majestic cliff, and hill. Ideal for dives at 3 to 20 meters depth. Here the water is strewn with a full growth of coral, fishes will surely guarantee an impressive underwater adventure. 

Gili Toapekong

The tiny island adjoining Bali, located about 90 kms north of Sanur. Reachable by motor boat, 30 min from the mainland. Suitable for expert divers and fully grown with a variety of colorful coral, sponges, plants and fishes. Suitable for professional diver. 


Located about 120 kms North-East of Sanur, with a beautiful solitary beach and fully grown with anemone , gorgons and sponge, small to large fishes, Pygmy Sea Hourse, make this underwater part of Bali. Ideal for beginners and professional divers. 


Tulamben Wall, also known as the Drop Off, is a good alternative site for your second dive after the USS Liberty. But it is more than that! Tulamben Wall has its own distinct characteristics making it equally interesting and beautiful to the Wreck. The Wall bottoms out at 60-70 meters, making it a favorite site among technical divers. As you peer below, you might see larger marine life like reef sharks and even hammerheads if you get really lucky. Along the wall, the colorful corals blend into a mosaic of beauty accented by colorful fish. The Drop Off also offers much to delight macro photographers! 

Menjangan Island

The small island 140 kms North-West of Sanur accessible by boat, only 10 minutes from the mainland. This area is suitable for all seasons diving where magnificent underwater vistas will surprise even the most seasoned diver. It is rich with all kind of sponges, sea plant, coral and fish which stretches for miles one end. This area is considered the diver’s paradise in Bali and words alone can not describe it’s true beauty. 

Secret Bay

Located about 130 km, North West of Sanur, Beach dive suitable for special Macro and can dive in all season, it is rich with all kind of fishes such as Seahourses, Frogfishes, Cardinalfish, Scorpionfish, Lionfish, Dragonets, Sea Months, etc

 Puri Jati

Located about 100 Km North from Sanur, it is Beach dive special for Macro object, such as Lionfish, Octopus, many kind of Ghost Pipefishes, Sea Horses, many kind of Pipefishes, many kind of Toby Radial Filefishes etc.

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