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Komodo Liveaboard cruise gives snorkelers and divers alike the ability to explore some of the most pristine and diverse marine habitats on this planet, while cruising right in the Komodo Marine National Park. The level of comfort, length of trip, and price can vary greatly depending on the Liveaboards.

Komodo Liveaboards offers a broad range of Indonesian Liveaboards vessels to accommodate everyone’s budget and comfort request. Komodo Liveaboards Boat Index will give you a short description of these Liveaboards; from the Liveaboards Boat Index page you can then select the best Komodo Liveaboards to suit your needs. So follow the links to some of the finest Liveaboards you will find anywhere in Indonesia.

Komodo Liveaboards | Diving Komodo Liveaboards

You can save yourself hours of planning your Komodo Liveaboard Program right here; just select which Komodo Liveaboard Program you preferred and best suits your needs, then Contact Us with your questions about the Liveaboard or your trip to Indonesia in general. As Southeast Asia's premier Komodo Liveaboard specialist we are experts at matching your needs to Liveaboards, so let our team of specialist help you with your selection of a world class Komodo Liveaboards safari. If you don't see exactly what you’re looking for in a Liveaboard on our website, Please Contact Komodo Liveaboards Tell us what you like and we will make a personalized itinerary for you including all internal flights & transportation


Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands, at a distance of 200 nautical miles to the east of Bali. Komodo National Park offers you to explore some of the world's most amazing creatures, as Komodo Dragons to Mantas Rays ...

The diving in Komodo is world class. Thrilling drift dives, Manta Ray aggregations, and some of the worlds richest and most beautiful coral reefs.Come and see for yourself !


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